Sentry Equipment

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Robert Romarino headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Blackwood, NJ
Founded: 1981
Industry: Distribution, sales and services
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging

Sentry Equipment

Robert Romarino

Sentry Equipment handles sales, service and parts distribution for Electro Freeze frozen dessert equipment. “We sell equipment, but really the success of our brand relies on the success of our customers. That is why, from the beginning, we provided additional consultative services,” says president Robert Romarino. This has allowed the company to form strong bonds with its clients.

When Romarino first set out to find a job, he didn’t get into the family business. But eventually, he realized Sentry Equipment was right for him. Romarino started from the ground floor, and credits that as an important part of his ability to lead. Today, family members who want to work for Sentry have to be qualified.

Quick Tip: “Care about your customers. Care about your vendor partners. Care about your staff.”

At the core of Sentry’s values are its people, including its customers, employees and vendors. Romarino and his father run the company, but they also act as the primary sales force, meaning that much of the operations work is entrusted to other employees. This trust comes from Romarino’s focus on hiring people for who they are, rather than just focusing on skills.

“The reputation that my father and the company had generationally with customers is amazing. … Most of the stores that we service are family businesses. And it’s been neat to see,” says Romarino. Romarino is also proud that Sentry’s mission is about helping people, “and that’ll allow us and myself to be able to pass down, not only a business, but values, to my son,” he says.