Rastelli Foods Group

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Ray Rastelli II President and Tony Rastelli headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Swedesboro, NJ
Founded: 1976
Industry: Food distribution
Generations: 3

Category: Medium

Rastelli Foods Group

Ray Rastelli II President and Co-founder
Tony Rastelli Owner and Co-founder

Rastelli Foods Group provides hotels, institutions and retail markets with premium meat and seafood products. Since its founding, the company has maintained a commitment to quality. This consistency in its mission and values has served as the company’s key to success. Rather than subjecting itself to trends, Rastelli Foods Group places quality above all.

Every family member who has joined Rastelli Foods Group has started from the ground floor to develop a better understanding of all aspects of the business. What’s more, many family members also hold degrees in related areas like food marketing, and have gained valuable outside experience in food services. Ultimately, family and friends are held to a higher standard, as they serve as role models for other employees.

Quick Tip: “Hold your family to the highest standard and present a united front. It sets the right tone for your workforce.”

With newer generations entering the business, Rastelli Foods Group has shifted its cultural focus a few times. Most recently, it has taken a greater interest in marketing and new media. This has changed processes and technology, but not the company’s commitment to quality.

“Our vision is that [future generations] continue to take care of the people that make our success possible, and maintain our commitment to quality. We want the Rastelli name to remain synonymous with quality food products,” says president and co-founder Ray Rastelli II.