R4 Risk & Wealth Solutions

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Peter S. Rosengard headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Moorestown, NJ
Founded: 1978
Industry: Financial services
Generations: 2

Category: Small

R4 Risk & Wealth Solutions

Peter S. Rosengard

R4 Risk & Wealth Solutions was built upon four pillars: personal accountability, credibility, mutual respect and teamwork. For owner Peter S. Rosengard, these pillars are the measuring sticks by which the entire company should be judged. Ultimately, Rosengard believes that “if you do the right thing every day, every moment of the day, eventually, you’ll get paid.”

The onboarding process for family members at R4 ensures that they are dedicated to the work. Upon graduating college, family members can work for R4 for five years, but then must leave for at least three years to gain perspective before returning. If a family member decides to work elsewhere before joining the company, they must spend at least three years gaining experience.

Fun Fact: Rosengard never planned on having his sons join the business. Instead, they decided all on their own.

Each year, Rosengard creates a one-year, three-year, five-year and 10-year sales and marketing plan. This serves as a living and breathing growth tool that is constantly being reevaluated. In addition, the company understands the challenges of working with family, but deals with them by maintaining an open discussion of communication and governance.

Client advocacy and client confidentiality are the basis for the legacy Rosengard hopes to leave behind. “We believe those words with passion,” he says. “You only have one reputation to lose, and nobody ever talks about the 999 times you acted properly out of 1,000.”