Peterson Service Company Incorporated

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Medford, NJ
Founded: 1981
Industry: Construction
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging

Peterson Service Company Incorporated

Renee Fiorelli

Since its founding, Peterson Service Company Incorporated has been a full-service HVAC company, offering heating and air-conditioning services for commercial and industrial clients. Great service for HVAC systems has always been at the core of the company, and remains so today. Some things have changed, however, including the company’s use of technology. The addition of smart building controls, better computers and information systems help drive Peterson’s new technology focus.

Traditionally, family members who join Peterson come in with little experience, and start with intern-like summer work. Based on interest and success, many family members have climbed the ladder, including president Renee Fiorelli. Others have earned a spot based on experience. Fiorelli says she would give any family member a shot.

 Quick Tip: “You have to demonstrate that you are qualified to do the job, and that you have a passion for it.”

Fiorelli stepped into her role as president within the last five years, assuming the role from her father, who founded the business. With the second generation running the show, the company hasn’t yet begun to plan for the next generation, but keeps a handle on company culture and the future by holding quarterly meetings to set up long-term growth strategies.

“I would like to look back and see the company grow from our current revenue volume and know that it’s still the core competency of service and providing our customers the personal touch that we have now, even as we grow bigger,” says Fiorelli. In addition to this, she enjoys seeing employees bring their own family members into the business and hopes to keep that tradition going.