Paradigm Digital Color Graphics

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John Rosenthal headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Southampton, PA
Founded: 1997
Industry: Printing and mailing
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging

Paradigm Digital Color Graphics

John Rosenthal

When Paradigm Digital Color Graphics was first established, its goal was to become the “king of short-run, full-color work at an economical price.” After working diligently to not only meet customers’ needs, but also surpass their expectations, the company began to evolve and grow. With the addition of more employees came the growth of the company’s mailing operation, as well as its printing portion.

Each of the handful of family members at Paradigm Digital works to grow knowledge in the different areas of the company. From developing expertise in mailing by attending postal conventions and seminars, to participating in printing conventions and Chicago’s print/mailing show, the family at Paradigm Digital stays on top of the latest technology and equipment.

 Fun Fact: “One thing I’m known for is being ‘Switzerland.’ As the owner of the company, I step in and calm people down when issues arise.”

Paradigm Digital’s three owners maintain distinct lines of responsibility within the company. One handles manufacturing, one operates as the company’s CFO and in-house IT expert, and president John Rosenthal handles sales and marketing. Those lines are rarely crossed, and this has helped the company grow from two employees to 34.

“I know many companies that are not honest with their employees, not honest with their salespeople, and are not honest with their customers. If we make a mistake, we take full responsibility for our actions,” says Rosenthal. This has helped the company build up a reputation in its region, and is of the utmost importance to Rosenthal and the entire team.