McCaffrey’s Markets

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James McCaffrey III headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Langhorne, PA
Founded: 1980
Industry: Real estate/Food markets
Generations: 2

Category: Large

McCaffreys Markets

James McCaffrey III
President and CEO

The McCaffrey’s Markets mission statement is to be the best food retailer in the market, and for president and CEO James McCaffrey III, that mission is at the heart of the company. On top of this, McCaffrey’s Markets aims to provide an exceptional environment for both shopping and working, where every person is treated well.

When McCaffrey’s son first joined the company, he worked in all levels of the store’s operations, from mopping floors to cashing. Today, he is the company’s executive vice president, and McCaffrey says his son has surpassed him in many aspects of the business.

Fun Fact: When McCaffrey’s Markets lost its store to a fire in 2005, the community rallied to raise $270,000 to maintain employee health benefits during rebuilding.

Though McCaffrey’s Markets creates positions with clear roles, a teamwork-based approach is its key to a successful culture. What’s more, the company gives everyone a chance to weigh in on important decisions. “Egos are left at the door and there are no ‘yes’ people,” says McCaffrey.

“As a company, we live with the principle that family comes first. All of our associates know that their family comes before their company duties,” says McCaffrey. To that end, the company does everything possible to support employees through family issues, and takes on philanthropic endeavors in the community.