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Family Business Honoree

Location: Lititz, PA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Technology
Generations: 2

Category: Medium


Ross Kramer
Co-founder and CEO

Listrak is a father-son technology company that helps digital marketers create personalized interactions with shoppers. “While we’re a technology company, my dad grew up as a laborer. … And he brought a lot of that kind of hard-work, blue-collar perspective to technology,” says co-founder and CEO Ross Kramer about his father, COO Howard Kramer. That background has helped the company form core values like passion, teamwork, doing the right thing and being accountable, says Ross Kramer.

Listrak is a unique family business, in that it has deliberately tried to keep family out. Though the company was founded by a father-son team, Kramer says family brings a lot of unpredictability. Should Kramer’s children decide to get involved at Listrak, they would start at the lowest level, and respect and promotions would only come with a great deal of work, he says.

Fun Fact: Listrak’s first office didn’t have bathrooms. Its new 27-acre headquarters will have plenty.

While Kramer is knowledgeable about technology and has a vision for Listrak, his father is good at finances and operations. These two very different roles have helped the company find its footing and grow. Though the two are complete opposites who don’t always agree, Kramer says the dynamic works because love and respect is an integral part of their relationship.

Rather than focusing on Listrak’s legacy, Kramer is busy working to ensure the company has a future. In an industry where change is constant, Listrak is focused on staying ahead. At the end of the day, Kramer hopes to build a company that has an impact on its customers, but also on the lives of its employees.