Frontier Technologies, Inc.

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Reshma Moorthy headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Wilmington, DE
Founded: 1988
Industry: Technology
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging

Frontier Technologies, Inc.

Reshma Moorthy

Frontier Technologies, Inc. (FTI) is an IT and telecom services provider operating under four guiding principles: Be a person of integrity, be reliable, be a quality individual and establish relationships. The company believes in integration done right, and achieves its goals through the relationships it cultivates. One such relationship has been with DuPont, and has lasted for more than 20 years. This partnership alone has allowed the company to expand greatly. 

When current president Reshma Moorthy first started at FTI, she took a position at the very bottom of the company, running basic sales and development. She learned how the company operates from every position at the lower end of the company’s ladder and gradually worked up, learning every aspect of the business.

 Fun Fact: “All of the Moorthy family are avid tennis players.”

At FTI, company culture is important, and Moorthy works to make sure everyone can feel that culture from the second they walk in. The company believes in being honest, thorough and reliable in every encounter, and uses a clear structure of command to make sure roles are well-defined, everyone is knowledgeable about their tasks, and goals are being met.

Moorthy wants to leave behind a legacy of great leadership. To do this, she is focusing on honing her skills. “My vision is that I remain confident in the training I’ve received from several executive programs, and that I will fine-tune my business perspectives,” she says. Moorthy counts her mother’s leadership at FTI as a key example of a great leader.