Cooper Pest Solutions, Inc.

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Yardley, PA
Founded: 1955
Industry: Pest control
Generations: 2

Category: Small

Cooper Pest Solutions, Inc.

Phillip Cooper

Cooper Pest Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1955, and in 1991, the second generation of the Cooper family took the reins. The company has always been customer-focused, but it became official with the company’s mission, known as “WOW.” “Everything we do at Cooper is aimed at “WOW-ing” you,” says CEO Phillip Cooper.

When the second generation of family members first took an interest in joining the family business, they started on the bottom level as service technicians. Cooper worked every job in the company before eventually becoming CEO. Today, as a third generation takes an interest in the company, Cooper says leadership roles will have to be earned.

Quick Tip: “The family is always more important than the business.”

“Culture is the cornerstone of everything we do at Cooper, and that begins with living and breathing the WOW methodology,” says Cooper. As part of that, each employee watches a three-minute video every day on one of 27 WOW steps. What’s more, the company holds frequent meetings to recognize employees and get on the same page.

Though it’s uncertain whether a third generation will take over Cooper Pest Solutions, Cooper hopes the company will continue to be known for its philosophy of giving back. “Ultimately, what we want to be remembered for is that we understand corporations in general have a broader responsibility than generating revenue and deriving profits,” he says.