CODY Systems

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Location: Pottstown, PA
Founded: 1979
Industry: Law enforcement software
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging

CODY Systems

Frances Heffner

Just like the company’s namesake, Buffalo Bill Cody, CODY Systems operates under the ideals of honor and a pioneer spirit. Though the company’s core offerings have shifted focus over the course of its lifetime, one thing endured — its “people first” philosophy. CODY Systems president Frances Heffner strives to hold on to the personal touches and old-world values that have been part of the fabric of the company, even as it grows in the IT industry.

For CODY, the right employees have character, creativity, passion and potential. Though the company is happy to give interested family members the opportunity to work at CODY, their ladder to success is the same as any other employee’s. “At CODY, ‘family company’ has come to mean something different. … If you have the merit, you can join our company family regardless of whether you are blood-related or not,” says Heffner.

Quick Tip: “Don’t walk backwards into the future.”

Company culture at CODY comes wrapped in passionate family dynamics. To combat some of the challenges that go along with this, a culture of accountability has become crucial. No family member reports directly to another, and the company maintains a policy of hiring non-family members for HR and controller positions. What’s more, the company is very idea-driven, and welcomes thoughtful debate.

“CODY was and has always been a family company in the truest sense of the word. It was started by family. It has been nurtured by family, and it has endured and grown because of family,” says Heffner. Heffner includes all CODY employees in that definition.