Cardone Industries

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1970
Industry: Manufacturing
Generations: 3

Category: Large

Cardone Industries

Christin Cardone McClave
Chief People Officer and Board Member

Cardone Industries’ central values haven’t changed since its founding more than 40 years ago, says chief people officer and board member Christin Cardone McClave. The company helps its employees find significance and purpose outside themselves and motivates people to do well, do the right thing, and work toward the goal of high performance.

Before any family member joins the company, its board must review and approve them as candidates. Cardone Industries also requires that family members have a master’s degree and either two years of automotive experience or five years of relevant work.

Fun Fact: Cardone Industries used to have an arcade for employees’ families to enjoy in the space that now houses R&D, engineering and electronics.

Cardone Industries made the decision to bring in non-family leadership to help family members move the business forward. These outside viewpoints give the business a leg up in the global race for market share. “It’s challenging in a family business to make the difficult decisions to let loyal employees move on or add new skillsets due to technology innovation,” says Cardone McClave.

“We want to continue to do everything it takes to treat our people with dignity and respect and help them better their lives because of Cardone’s influence,” says Cardone McClave. The family foundation supports many local charities, and makes it a point to pass these values on to the next generation.