BDP International, Inc.

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Richard Bolte headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1966
Industry: Global logistics and transportation
Generations: 2

Category: Large

BDP International, Inc.

Richard Bolte
Chairman and CEO

BDP International, Inc. was founded to create a home for talent and innovation. Though the company has grown significantly since its founding, it works to maintain the culture of a small, family-oriented business. The company combines technology and expertise to solve global logistics problems and create tangible value for customers.

Relative to the total of 4,200 employees who work in 32 different countries, family members make up a small portion of the BDP staff. Today, the BDP board is run as a family board, as the four Bolte brothers are all shareholders.

Quick Tip: “Family loyalty is sacrosanct, but the loyalty between the owner and the extended family of employees, crossing nations and cultures, must be earned every day.”

Richard Bolte Sr., founded BDP with a home improvement loan, and worked 18-hour days. When his wife passed away and left him with four young sons, he relied on his small, but loyal group of employees. This has helped shape the company’s culture. “Beyond the diligence of strategic planning and successful execution, the most precious of BDP’s aspirations is to retain what is so unique about our culture: a consciousness of home and family where honesty, ethical behavior, respect and effort are the thread that unites BDP people as one,” says current chairman and CEO Richard Bolte.

BDP’s most important goal has been to maintain its culture as it positions itself to thrive in the new economic order. “Successful companies will be those that embed the transfer of intellectual capital, industry knowledge, and process and information visibility as an integral part of their offering. Knowledge sharing will be the currency of the future,” says Bolte.