AOS Digital

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Matthew C. Smith headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Doylestown, PA
Founded: 1977
Industry: Technology
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging

AOS Digital

Matthew C. Smith
President and CEO

AOS Digital was founded in 1977 by president and CEO Matthew C. Smith’s father-in-law. Back then, the company’s founding vision was to keep service at its core. Today, Smith makes sure that vision is still alive and well. When customers call AOS, they speak to a live person. “We provide modern-day technology solutions and good, old-fashioned quality service,” says Smith.

Though the transition to the next generation may be a ways off (Smith’s oldest son is 15), Smith says the company’s hiring process is the same for family members and strangers alike. “We treat everyone inside the business the same, family by blood or not,” he says. One thing Smith does look for in new hires is outside work experience. He says it helps for new employees to know “what the grass looks like on the other side of the fence.”

Quick Tip: “Treat everyone equally and fairly.”

As Smith and his wife transitioned into leadership roles at AOS, challenges were met and overcome. Through this process, the company developed a culture of accountability. This has helped AOS deliver a product and service that it can be “proud to put our family name on; that will be passed on to future generations with the same level of importance,” says Smith.

For Smith and his family, the mindset at AOS has always been to cultivate a great reputation not only in the industry, but also in the community. “Legacy is really important to us; the core values that we insist on remain. We try to be good people and do the right thing always. All the rest works itself out,” says Smith.