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Warren Chaiken headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1946
Industry: Wholesale distribution
Generations: 3

Category: Large


Warren Chaiken
President and CEO

Almo’s core principles have been passed down through the generations since president and CEO Warren Chaiken’s grandfather founded the company. “It’s really all about the people,” says Chaiken. The company’s job is to take care of employees, and Almo asks its employees to take care of the company in return. “Because of this philosophy, we have very loyal and caring employees,” Chaiken adds.

Chaiken spent his early career working for an accounting firm, but when he made the decision to join the company, he became responsible for learning the business. To do this, he went from division to division, working in the company’s warehouse, IT department, project management, sales and finance. This helped Chaiken gain the respect of employees and ultimately move into a leadership position.

Quick Tip: “Make sure you’re listening to your employees, because they’re the ones who are closest to the front line and they typically have the best ideas.”

“Our culture is one that believes in our employees, and one that has very open communication with all,” says Chaiken. The company has monthly conference calls and monthly notes to update employees. As Almo continues to grow larger, Chaiken is dedicated to maintaining the family-based philosophy it was built on.

“Our business is tough and people work very hard and very long hours, just like in most businesses today, if they want to be successful,” says Chaiken. But hard work isn’t the only thing Chaiken wants Almo to be known for. The company wants its employees to enjoy their work, and works to keep the company atmosphere light.