Commercial Office Furniture Company

Joan Waters Headshot

Location: 1946
Founded: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Professional services

Commercial Office Furniture Company

Joan Waters

Location, Location: Commercial Office Furniture Company (COFCO) was originally founded as a military surplus provider, but when its founder realized furniture was the company’s fastest-moving item, he turned COFCO into what it is today. Through that change, the company’s growth and even a remodel, COFCO has stayed true to its Philadelphia roots, and remains committed to the city. Though COFCO has clients around the country, CEO Joan Waters says she recognizes that the company’s success hinges on business in Philadelphia.

QUICK TIP: “A company’s dedication to its employees can make a huge difference in the community.”

 Giving and Receiving: Located in the North American Street Corridor, COFCO places great focus on relationships, and participates in the North American Street Corridor Association. “The relationship that exists between COFCO and the local businesses is crucial. It gives members of the local businesses an opportunity to get to know one another and provide valuable information to one another,” says Waters. COFCO also gives back by employing locals and treating them right, she says.

Lasting Impact: As COFCO continues to grow, it has every intention of staying put in Philadelphia, and continuing to serve the community. “There are plans for the North American Street Corridor to continue to improve and for more businesses to locate to that area. COFCO would like to work with those companies to figure out the best way to give back to the community,” says Waters.