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Charles M. Shechtman
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1924
Industry: Professional services

Friedman LLP

Charles M. Shechtman, CPA
Managing Partner

Friedman LLP was originally founded as the Philadelphia office of Shechtman Marks Devor, and the firm remained independent for decades. Over the course of time, it grew from three people in 1978 to 51 people in 2015. “As our firm grew, our clients became some of the leading businesses in the Delaware Valley,” says managing partner Charles M. Shechtman. That’s why Friedman LLP approached the firm for a merger in 2015, and Shechtman Marks Devor became the Philadelphia office of that firm. The merger gave Shechtman additional resources that allowed for enhanced opportunities and greater service offerings for clients. And, in an industry where changes are inherent, Shechtman says this has been vital.

Quick Tip: “If you have a passion for your product or service, that passion will resonate in all you do and help you succeed.”

“Our services are provided with powerfully personal attention. We take our clients’ interests, their business and our relationship personally,” says Shechtman. He says this dedication to service is based on the firm’s long-standing values of warmth, mutual trust and taking pride in work. “We promote mutual respect and teamwork that empowers each individual to achieve excellence, life balance and fulfillment,” says Shechtman. And, for the team at Friedman LLP, a great work ethic is paramount. That includes exceeding client expectations and always keeping an eye out for new opportunities.