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Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Founded: 2012
Industry: Technology


Ameet Shah
Founder and CEO

Wodify’s signature product, which goes by the same name, is an all-in-one, cloud-based performance-tracking software designed for CrossFit gym owners, coaches and athletes. The software, built by CrossFit athletes, is accessible from any device, allowing athletes to track their progress, make connections, maintain a nutrition journal and view class calendars, while gym owners and coaches manage memberships, sell gear and build their communities. Currently, athletes at more than 3,300 CrossFit gyms around the world log more than 3 million results into Wodify each month. Since its founding in 2012, Wodify has grown from just 41 customers to more than 3,500, which amounts to 500,000 active users in 71 countries. Athletes can check in remotely and track their health and wellness inside the gym, as well as outside.

Quick Tip: “To truly lead is to grow more leaders.”

As CrossFit gains popularity, Wodify sees gyms diversifying offerings to include activities like Olympic lifting, yoga, boot camps, personal training and competitions. And, as CrossFit gyms change, Wodify plans to be by their side, evolving by diversifying its own offerings to accommodate these fitness verticals. Wodify is branching out in other ways as well. “We also continue to push the limits of technology within the gym and are exploring wearables, heart-rate monitors and iBeacons to enhance the gym experience,” says founder and CEO Ameet Shah.