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Location: Moorestown, NJ
Founded: 2000
Industry: Technology


Anthony W. Mongeluzo

PCS, LLC is a full-service technology solutions provider. The company provides help-desk and CIO-level support for clients. “A major difference between PCS and other technology providers is our LIVELINE service,” says president Anthony W. Mongeluzo. “This allows us to provide live technical support to your small team.” Over the past 10 years, PCS has grown from a one-person company to a team of nearly 100, and has expanded from a small office in New Jersey to three other states that provide nationwide service. Over the years, PCS has helped clients as they go through complex IT challenges like mergers, growth, disaster recovery and more. PCS also has made it through its own fair share of challenges, like fast growth. Mongeluzo says the company was able to create processes and systems that have allowed it to scale at a fast rate, while maintaining the intimate feel of a small company and a personal relationship with clients.

Quick Tip: “We get 1 percent better every day.”

“It is our passion at PCS that keeps us moving and motivated. We live and breathe our mission and vision,” says Mongeluzo. To help PCS work toward its mission, the company outfitted its cars with full office capabilities and hired a full-time driver to convert road time to office time. “This allows us to give our clients the personal attention they deserve, and also ensures that we are safe on the road as we take care of our clients’ important business,” he adds.