GSI Health, LLC

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Technology

GSI Health, LLC

LeRoy Jones

GSI Health, LLC brings together patients, doctors and payers to support collaborative healthcare. Through GSI’s solutions, caregivers are able to manage, analyze and engage patients as they move through the care-delivery system, and gain insights that improve the quality of care. Recently, the healthcare industry has transitioned to a value-based model that compensates organizations for keeping whole populations well, rather than compensating them for services performed. In doing this, the healthcare system has become more focused on delivering outcomes, rather than procedures and fees. GSI Health was an early adopter of this philosophy, changing its service-based business to develop a comprehensive population-health platform that is ideal for value-based healthcare models.

Quick Tip: “The ability to test ideas in the marketplace [has] transformed the traditional business plan into a living strategy that is developed and honed in situ.”

When GSI was founded, it was a consulting company, but it has since changed to develop products. Even through this change, CEO LeRoy Jones says maintaining a consultative approach has driven success. “We are interested in our customers being successful, not just in signing a contract or delivering a product,” says Jones. “We are a solution company, not a product company.”