Clutch Holdings

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Location: Ambler, PA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Technology

Clutch Holdings

Andy O’Dell
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Clutch Holdings is a technology platform for B2C marketers that helps them better understand, identify and motivate their best customers. It does this by providing relevant, personalized and contextual marketing communications, says co-founder and chief strategy officer Andy O’Dell. He adds that the company is unique because it has multiple industry segments. “We are not just a loyalty company, we’re not just a data management company, we’re not just a marketing CRM, we’re not just a marketing platform,” he says. “I think we’ve created a new segment for the digital marketer, and the impact of that has been rapid growth.” In just four years in business, O’Dell says Clutch has emerged as an industry leader, managing successful projects for major brands like Meineke.

Quick Tip: “Embrace failure. It’s the only true way to learn. … And be okay with the fact that you don’t have to be an expert in everything.”

O’Dell says Clutch’s success comes from its core values. “We’re not afraid to add to or update those values to reflect who we are as a business, both by the products and services we support, [and by] the clients we partner with and the employees that we attract,” he says. One of Clutch’s core values is doing the right thing: “Do the right thing for the business, do the right thing for the team, do the right thing for the customer, do the right thing for the market. All of that, we know, will pay dividends,” says O’Dell.