Tina I. Hamilton, PHR

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Location: Allentown, PA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Professional services

Tina I. Hamilton, PHR
President and CEO

myHR Partner, Inc.

“The original concept of myHR Partner, originally known as hireVision Group, was to help companies reach their own potential through outsourced hiring-management services,” says president and CEO Tina I. Hamilton. However, the company soon found that businesses struggled because they lacked written job descriptions, useable handbooks and other basic HR structures, so it began offering those services. MyHR Partner’s services continued to expand, and it now provides outsourced HR services across the U.S.

Fun Fact: “I am a global volunteer, and once lived for two weeks in a third-world country.”

“When the economy collapsed, hiring came to an abrupt halt for most industries,” says Hamilton. Just as myHR Partner was making deep cuts to stay afloat, a major university asked the company to help it revamp a department. Hamilton rehired a previous employee and asked her to work with the university part-time. MyHR Partner embraced the idea of using part-time employees, which helped it regain profitability. “This entire experience … taught me to become frugal where it counted, and invest where it mattered — in employees,” says Hamilton.

In 2015, myHR Partner experienced a 200-percent increase in net revenue, putting the company in a position to start working on a new scholarship program. “We will offer scholarships to mid-career adults who have gone through significant life events or struggles, and have demonstrated goodwill in their lives otherwise,” says Hamilton.