Terriann Procida

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Location: Moorestown, NJ
Founded: 1989
Industry: Professional services

Terriann Procida

Innovative Benefit Planning, LLC

Innovative Benefit Planning, LLC advises businesses on employee benefits, human resources, wellness and retirement plans. “When I got started in the employee-benefit industry, I loved the idea of assisting employers and employees in accomplishing their goals,” says president Terriann Procida. “Before I went out on my own, I noticed a lot of room for improvements in the industry. I thought to myself, ‘We can do better. Our job shouldn’t stop once the insurance card is delivered.’”

Fun Fact: Procida has chaired the Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice Gala for three years.

One of the most crucial challenges Procida has faced in leading Innovative Benefit Planning is the Affordable Care Act. “Working in employee benefits for over 25 years, nothing has challenged me professionally the way the Affordable Care Act has,” she says. “I have had to work rapidly to set in place processes and programs to stay compliant with new laws. Many of these internal programs can be dismantled with just one legal update. Often, we need to adapt our processes and restructure programs at a moment’s notice.”

Innovative Benefit Planning prides itself on its customized options. “Over the years, we have worked on and improved our employee open-enrollment booklets,” says Procida. “We’ve added artwork representative of the client’s employee base. We‘ve included money-saving discount programs from the community, just to ensure our clients have good options for their employees. We are always filled with a sense of pride when we are told that our manuals are so much better than the ‘standard issue’ provided by other firms.”