Terri Matthews

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2015
Industry: Healthcare

Terri Matthews

ORI HomeCare, LLC

ORI HomeCare, LLC’s mission is to develop a comprehensive continuum of healthcare services delivered to people in their homes, with a specialization around autism. “Some examples would be an aging woman who is 80 and in need of care but has a 50-year-old with autism who also needs care, so she cannot go to a retirement community,” says Terri Matthews, CEO of ORI HomeCare.

Fun Fact: Matthews is president of Early Intervention Services for the State of Pennsylvania, which helps meet the needs of children with disabilities.

ORI HomeCare operates in a system that is resistant to new ways of delivering services, which can be difficult given the amount of people in need of both skilled and non-skilled care, and the complex needs of those with autism, says Matthews. “When people are impacted, you have to show and prove why this is important and how a changed system can benefit the state, along with the people who receive services.”

In 2010, Matthews founded Jaden’s Voice, Inc., a nonprofit that works to improve the lives of individuals diagnosed with autism, and to support their families. “As CEO of Jaden’s Voice, I leverage my extensive background in human resources and business strategy to fundraise and take action to benefit families in need,” says Matthews. The organization also certifies environments as autism-friendly.