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Location: Jenkintown, PA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Professional services

Tara Aldrich
President and CEO

Educators On Call, LLC

Educators On Call, LLC is a temporary educational staffing agency that serves charter schools and independent agencies with substitute teachers. The company was founded after president and CEO Tara Aldrich spent 20 years observing substitute teachers in various school environments. “The thought of actually starting an agency came to mind when I served as an assistant principal and was responsible for managing the substitutes in the building,” she says. “That role gave me some insight into how several local agencies operated. It also revealed some of the weaknesses that could be addressed with the temporary staff.”

Fun Fact: In its four years in business, Educators On Call has held three book drives.

The creation of Educators On Call was the result of a personal and professional challenge for Aldrich. “My contract was not being renewed by my employer. At what seemed to be the height of my career, I found myself at a place where a decision had to be made about my next move,” she says. “After much prayer and reflection, I came upon a journal [that] contained a list I had written several years prior, of business ideas I wanted to try. It seemed the time was now.”

Educators On Call started the 2012 school year off with two clients and ended with 10 clients. By the start of the 2015-2016 school year, the company had 45 clients.