Shannon Breuer

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Location: Conshohocken, PA
Founded: 2009
Industry: Financial services

Shannon Breuer
President and Chief Compliance Officer

Wiley Group

Wiley Group is a registered investment advisor managing $240 million in assets and offering retirement planning services to individuals and families in the Delaware Valley. “In our company, I leverage 30 years of business experience in communications, HR, IT, public affairs, marketing, philanthropy and procurement to implement best practices in these areas,” says president and chief compliance officer Shannon Breuer.

Fun Fact: Breuer and her husband have hosted a weekend-long retreat at their vacation home for a group of 30 international student leaders.

When Breuer first joined Wiley Group, she immediately set to work designing and implementing an HR system, selecting a 401(k) program, outsourcing IT, renegotiating vendor contracts, updating the CRM and overseeing a redesign of the website. “I work closely with the team to make sure that we operate efficiently and accurately,” she says.

During her time as head of diversity at Sunoco, Breuer was involved in decision making on the company’s philanthropy program. As a result, she became familiar with more than 100 nonprofits in the Delaware Valley, and she is still putting that knowledge to use today. “Currently, I serve on the advisory board of the Main Line Chamber’s Society of Professional Women and the Women’s Resource Center,” says Breuer.