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Location: Broomall, PA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Professional services

Peggy Gionta

Partner’s Consulting

Partner’s Consulting is an IT consulting and recruiting firm that delivers large-scale technical implementation and project support for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. President Peggy Gionta’s mission for the firm is to build a business where employees, candidates, consultants and clients work together in a respectful environment.

Fun Fact: For this year’s Martin Luther King Day, a large group of Partner’s Consulting employees worked with City Year Philadelphia to beautify Bethune Elementary School.

Before founding Partner’s Consulting, Gionta spent 10 years working for an IT recruiting corporation. She started her own business determined to set a new standard for IT staffing, having encountered numerous recruitment firms that were getting resumes from the internet and sending them to a client without discussion or a real understanding of the candidate’s qualifications. “We go beyond the assembly-line placement process and connect people with opportunities that resonate with their passions or skillsets,” says Gionta.

As a fast-growing company, Partner’s Consulting has often seen workloads that stretch the limits of its employees. To make sure everyone’s needs are being met, Gionta often takes on a significant portion of that work. For years, she worked 80 or more hours a week to ensure employees at Partner’s Consulting were happy. Since then, she has let go of some parts of her role, allowing her to return to greater work-life balance. Gionta extends that balance to employees as well, through benefits such as generous vacation time, flexible hours and the ability to work remotely.