Marian R. Young

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Location: Wilmington, DE
Founded: 2003
Industry: Environmental consulting and remediation (support to redevelopment and construction)

Marian R. Young

Bright Fields, Inc.

Bright Fields, Inc. is an environmental consulting and remediation firm. The company focuses on investigating and testing the contaminated soil and groundwater on former industrial properties, and cleaning them up to meet the federal and state environmental health regulations for planned future redevelopment.

Fun Fact: This year, Bright Fields implemented a composting program for food and shredded office paper.

In November 2005, president Marian R. Young was hospitalized for diverticulitis, which required emergency surgery. “I lost four months of work at a time when Bright Fields’ workload was high,” she says. “It was very hard on the rest of our staff, as they struggled to deal with client demands and deadlines. Fortunately, due to prior investments in employee training and leadership skills, Bright Fields’ senior and mid-level staff stepped up the pace and worked closely together to fill the void.”

Today, Young encourages creativity and leadership at all levels of Bright Fields. “As the company grew, I formed a five-person senior management team to help effectively handle business development, project direction and personnel management,” she says.