Marcia Zaruba-O’Connor

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Location: King of Prussia, PA
Founded: 2007
Industry: Professional services

Marcia Zaruba-O’Connor

The O’Connor Group

The O’Connor Group provides HR outsourcing services, but there’s more to its mission than that. “It’s really connecting people and getting them opportunity to really show their strengths and values,” says CEO Marcia Zaruba-O’Connor. “We do a lot of pro-bono resume writing … because I really think people just need to have a start.”

Fun Fact: The O’Connor Group provides pro-bono HR services for Chester County Futures, which helps middle and high-school students along the path to graduation.

In addition to rewriting resumes, The O’Connor Group helps candidates get a better idea of the things they are good at, and where they want to go based on those skills. “Then for our clients, we really help them get more strategic. What’s your vision? What’s your strategy? How are you finding people? How much money are you really spending?” says Zaruba-O’Connor. In addition, The O’Connor Group helps businesses stay on top of compliance requirements as they grow.

Zaruba-O’Connor sits on the board of Bringing Hope Home, a nonprofit that helps families dealing with cancer and the associated costs. “Sometimes they lose a job because they’re going through chemo treatments,” she says. Bringing Hope Home helps families cover bills such as mortgages and car payments, up to $1,000 per year. In addition to board service, The O’Connor Group contributes its time to the organization. “All my consultants do their HR consulting services for free,” says Zaruba O’Connor. The company also helps with the cost of registration for the nonprofit’s annual gala.