Leemor Daskal

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2006 (North Bowl), 2015 (South Bowl)
Industry: Entertainment and hospitality

Leemor Daskal
Partner and Co-owner

Spare Time Inc.

“My attention is focused in many different areas, and I see myself as a central hub that’s connected to all departments in some capacity,” says Leemor Daskal, partner and co-owner at Spare Time Inc. “I’ve worked many aspects of this business at some point or another. I now spearhead our private events department, which is 45 percent of our business.” In addition, Daskal oversees the event manager in charge of the North Bowl and South Bowl bowling alleys.

Fun Fact: Spare Time composts all its plants, flowers and produce. 

Daskal also brings a creative mindset to Spare Time, from event setup to art exhibits and music curation at both venues. “I would consider myself a big part of creating the right vibe for people to meet and mingle,” she says. “We have hosted a huge festival in Northern Liberties for the last six years, and I have been in charge of orchestrating the North Bowl portion of this incredible day.”

Daskal entered her role eight years ago, with a background in one-on-one therapy work. “My challenge was to expand my scope and become available to many people,” she says. “With such increased responsibility, I was forced to learn patience and learn how to prioritize tasks, with so much calling for attention. This entire process has taught me how to remain centered, grounded and, most importantly, to learn patience and proper timing to address issues.”