Kate Jaffe

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Location: Malvern, PA
Founded: 2011
Industry: Technology

Kate Jaffe

Convergent Technologies, Inc.

Convergent Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is a technology consulting firm that specializes in IT management, with a focus on voice, data and cloud solutions. CEO Kate Jaffe’s founding vision was “to excel in industry intelligence and service in our field, and to build a practice based on our thought leadership in our field, while providing a value to my community.” In addition, Jaffe appreciates the flexibility that comes with being her own boss. “I love that I can choose how I spend my time when I need to. It’s important to me to be a great role model to my children,” she says.

Fun Fact: Jaffe is currently working on a Philadelphia-based conference for CIOs and senior management to discuss topics around infrastructure and expense.

CTI is not afraid to move into untapped business space. “2014 was a critical year in growing our base customers with new services,” says Jaffe. “We expanded our offerings to use our best practice in voice and data management in the entire IT framework, thus doubling one account to half a million dollars in sales for the year.” As a result of CTI’s work, the customer saw $3.6 million in savings in 2014.

Jaffe serves as chair of the board of directors for The Media Theatre. In 2015, CTI received the theater’s Community Partnership Award. On average, Jaffe chairs three nonprofit fundraisers a year, and she speaks at industry conferences. In the workplace, Jaffe makes it a point to mentor employees on leadership.