Jill M. Ross

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Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Founded: 1863
Industry: Banking

Jill M. Ross
Senior Vice President and Regional Director

Beneficial Bank

As senior vice president and regional director for Beneficial Bank, Jill M. Ross oversees business development, relationship management, operations and human resources for 12 locations in South Jersey. “My role also entails effecting change within the organization on a broader level, giving direct input to executive management on things that are working or not working,” she says. “The thing that I do best is connect people to people, people to knowledge and people to ideas.”

Fun Fact: Ross and her team have volunteered together in the kitchen of a homeless shelter.

As part of her work, Ross motivates Beneficial Bank’s relationship managers to bring in external sales, and the assistant managers to drive internal sales. “I also help mentor the relationship managers and their teams on effective relationship-management skills, sales skills, coaching and operations,” she says. Ross goes onsite at Beneficial Bank’s different locations to hold one-on-one coaching sessions with direct reports, and sometimes with members of their team.

Ross’ biggest challenge has been finding a balance between work and family. “It is easy to be pulled in many directions and feel as though you need to be all things to everyone in your life,” she says. “I have learned to delegate and mentor others without feeling that giving up responsibilities to others is a weakness. That is how they learn and grow.”