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Location: Berwyn, PA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Media/PR

Jessica Jones

Rainstorm Media Group

Rainstorm Media Group is an advertising agency specializing in direct-response media. “The founding vision for Rainstorm started when I was seven months pregnant with my second child,” says CEO Jessica Jones. At that time, the company Jones had worked with for 15 years went bankrupt. “I was very lucky and was quickly hired into a similar position elsewhere. But I realized that the more I was doing and the more I accomplished for that company, the more my income structure kept changing to ensure I could never get ahead and really make any money. So I founded Rainstorm,” she says.

Fun Fact: Jones seeks out opportunities to work with and speak to youth, particularly young women.

One of the clients Rainstorm has taken on was getting ready to go out of business, but wanted to make a last-ditch effort with Rainstorm’s help. “We ended up growing them from two locations to seven locations, and once they got to seven locations, they ended up saying that they were going to try out different, perhaps lower-priced alternatives to our company,” says Jones. Rainstorm let the client go, but 13 weeks later, the client called and wanted to restart the relationship. “We again doubled their business for them, to 14 locations,” says Jones.

Jones makes it clear to employees that she doesn’t expect perfection. “That’s a crazy expectation, and an unreasonable one,” she says. “I also think that when people fail, it makes them better.”