Jennafer Ross

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Location: Downingtown, PA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Hospitality marketing

Jennafer Ross
Founder and CEO

JR Global Events

When Jennafer Ross started her event management company, JR Global Events, she had one client. Since then, the company has grown significantly. “I now have 11 clients and 44 different events, contracted as of right now for 2016,” says Ross. While many event companies went out of business during the recession, JR Global Events “ducked and covered,” she says, and emerged from the other side as one of a diminished number of established companies.

Fun Fact: When Rosss three children were babies, she traveled the world with them. “They were in more countries prior to being born than most people visit in their lifetime, she says.

Ross feels strongly about empowering women to pursue both professional and personal fulfillment. “There’s no reason why in this world we can’t do that,” she says. “There need to be more women entrepreneurs who put it out there and say, ‘Yeah, we can do it all.’” Ross herself raised three children while growing her business and serving as president of the Philadelphia chapter of Meeting Professionals International.

JR Global Events has a pro-bono partnership with Family Lives On, a national organization that supports the lifelong emotional well-being of children whose mother or father has died. What’s more, Ross volunteers for her daughter’s cheerleading team. “The cheerleading company that my daughter competes with is only five years old,” she says. “They’re a brand-new company, they’re two women … and they’re struggling as far as getting it all done. … So I stepped in and said, ‘Here’s how I can help.’ I’m planning a banquet for them and I’ve redone their website.”