Jane Munro

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Location: Collegeville, PA
Founded: 1992
Industry: Media/PR

Jane Munro

As You Wish Promotions, Inc.

As You Wish Promotions, Inc. is a privately owned advertising specialties company. In starting the business, “I wanted to be able to have the flexibility to give 100 percent to my family and 100 percent to my work,” says president Jane Munro. “I can go home to my family at night knowing that As You Wish allowed me and my staff the phenomenal experience … of creating an efficient, cost-competitive, service-driven agency that makes client satisfaction its number-one priority, as well as creating a better life for our families and our children.”

Fun Fact: For more than 10 years, Munro has been involved with the Gobble Wobble, an annual YMCA Thanksgiving 5K.

As You Wish has grown every year since its inception. “We continued through market downturns and significant changes in delivery models. As the industry transitioned to large agencies focused only on price and lacking commitment, As You Wish has been able to stay competitive with our pricing, tighten up our delivery model and still offer one-on-one personal service,” says Munro.

“As with any working mother, balancing business and family is a constant uphill battle,” says Munro. “Time, or the lack thereof, is a primary challenge.” Tackling that challenge has taken some creative thinking, as well as time management skills. “I believe that [being] a community-driven, charitable, compassionate leader with an unwavering work ethic will promote my business. I believe being a compassionate but firm, nonjudgmental, caring and present parent for my children will result in wonderful adults,” says Munro.