Dr. Cathleen George

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Location: Richboro, PA
Founded: 2004
Industry: Healthcare

Dr. Cathleen George
Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Cathleen George B.S., D.M.D., P.C., Orthodontic Specialist

“My vision for an orthodontist practice was a clean, state-of-the art facility that promoted a relaxed, comfortable and open climate for parents and children,” says orthodontic specialist Dr. Cathleen George. “Given the frequency of the appointments during the multi-year relationship, I created a space in which parents could comfortably share the appointment with their child.”

Fun Fact: George’s practice has donated a photo booth to 13 different nonprofit events.

In 2009, the practice moved into a building George designed with her husband. “The novelties include a self-service check-in screen that acknowledges each patient by name, a calming marine aquarium, and a game center with Wii and Xbox games, iPad stations, and movies on a flat-screen TV,” she says.

“I was a painfully shy child, so much so that I did not speak aloud in class during the first few years of grade school,” says George. “In a homework assignment, I shared my goal to become a physician. My teacher pulled me aside to comment that I was too quiet to achieve at that level and would never be able to get through medical school. … A resolve formed that day, as I made a solemn and silent commitment to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor.”