Deborah Diamond, Ph.D.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2004
Industry: Nonprofit

Deborah Diamond, Ph.D.

Campus Philly

Campus Philly’s mission is to fuel economic growth by encouraging college students to study, explore, live and work in the Greater Philadelphia region. The nonprofit partners with 35 colleges and universities, functioning like an off-campus career service and student activities office for them.

Fun Fact: “In 2010, only 55 percent of recent college graduates said they would recommend Philadelphia as a place to live, but in 2014, that figure was 73 percent.”

“Campus Philly’s research has shown that internships are a key driver for student retention, with students who have a connection to an employer and an opportunity to build a professional network more likely to stay in the region after graduating,” says Deborah Diamond, Ph.D., president of Campus Philly. “For that reason, Campus Philly has focused on internships for more than 10 years to great effect.”

Three years ago, Campus Philly developed a corporate membership program as a way for local businesses to support the nonprofit’s mission, while also building their connections to colleges and college students. The program started with one member, Deloitte. Now, it provides 25 percent of the organization’s operating expenses, as well as engaging more than 20 regional employers. “Members of our corporate membership program participate in our corporate advisory council, helping to shape our programs and service to students,” says Diamond. “Our corporate members invest in our mission, participate regularly in our events and are acknowledged on our website.”