Dara Gans

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Location: Havertown, PA
Founded: 1926
Industry: Plumbing, heating and cooling company

Dara Gans
Chief Operating Officer

Charles B. Gans Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc.

Charles B. Gans Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. has been family-owned and operated for three generations. The business was started by Dara Gans’ grandfather and is currently owned by her father and uncle. “In a small family business, we need to be flexible, as roles and responsibilities sometime vary,” she says. “It is often necessary to take on multiple duties to accomplish all that needs to be done. My primary role is to oversee operations. I provide leadership that helps promote professionalism, generate new business, offer quality service and customer retention.”

Fun Fact: As president of the Haverford Township Rotary Club, Gans has grown membership from 14 to 21, with several additional membership prospects.

During her tenure at Charles B. Gans Plumbing, Gans has also worked to expand the company’s existing business. For example, Charles B. Gans Plumbing now partners with a local architect and carpenter to offer full-service renovations. “This new model has expanded our sales and increased our revenue,” says Gans. “My involvement in the community has also resulted in additional business, both commercially and residentially. Our volume of work has increased in our commercial division with the addition of some new key accounts such as the YMCA, library and several churches.”

“I believe that leadership is a quality you need to own and execute,” says Gans. “If you lead by example, those who have the same values and beliefs will follow you no matter what their preconceived notions may have been.”