Daphne Thomas

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Location: Exton, PA
Founded: 1995
Industry: Technology and professional services

Daphne Thomas
Executive Vice President, Professional Services


IPipeline provides cloud-based software solutions for the life insurance industry. Daphne Thomas arrived at the company approximately seven years ago. At that time, the entire company consisted of 29 individuals. Since then, Thomas has worked to scale the organization, which now has an employee base of 450.

Fun Fact: Thomas’ professional services team provides charitable support to the Lord’s Pantry in Downingtown, PA.

IPipeline’s software requires customization for each unique insurer and financial institution. Thomas and her team’s ability to execute and manage customer expectations has helped the company capture 120 insurers, 850 distributors and financial institutions, and hundreds of thousands of agents and advisors.

One of the greatest challenges Thomas faced was setting up operations overseas. At the time, iPipeline was experiencing significant growth in North America. When a compelling opportunity came along in Japan, she embraced the challenge, engaged the Japanese executives and captured the program. Through it all, Thomas learned she had the ability to tackle the most challenging engagements through the application of a definable, repeatable process and by reaching into her extensive experience in international programs.