Charlie Fusco

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Location: Sewell, NJ
Founded: 2001
Industry: Media/PR and professional services

Charlie Fusco
CEO and Creative Director

Synergixx, LLC

Synergixx, LLC is a multimedia marketing agency that produces campaigns and celebrity endorsements for clients. “The impetus for starting my own business came from hitting my head hard on the glass ceiling,” says Charlie Fusco, CEO and creative director of Synergixx. “My boss told me that I ‘was already paid enough’ for my work, even though I had personally helped transform that company from small and emerging to large and thriving. I was six months pregnant with the first of my three children, and wanted to be a full-time mom. I knew that couldn’t happen if I was trying to get ahead at work. I considered finding a different job, but was convinced that no one would hire a pregnant woman to do anything of real importance. That’s when I decided to write TV commercials from my living room with my baby on my lap.”

Fun Fact: “In my world, CEO stands for Challenge Every Obstacle.”

As Fusco grew Synergixx, she stayed true to her determination to put family first. “I created a company built on my business strengths that I could navigate on my terms — what I could accomplish in a day while juggling my kids,” she says. “I didn’t write my first business plan until my company turned 11 years old, … yet my first infomercial for CalMax became a megahit, selling more than $50 million in its first year.”

Synergixx has succeeded by integrating TV and radio with new media. “One example is our mastery of personal endorsement radio,” says Fusco. “We create direct relationships with national talk radio hosts like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck for our client’s product or service. We harness the power of their built-in community of avid listeners and merge it with the host’s social media channels and existing online programs.”