Andrea J. Funk

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Location: Reading, PA
Founded: 1942
Industry: Manufacturing

Andrea J. Funk

Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC

Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC is a copper-focused manufacturer and distributor for plumbing, HVAC, construction and industrial markets. “It is necessary that our product meets the quality expectations of our customers, but above that, it is a challenge to differentiate our products,” says CEO Andrea J. Funk. “Therefore, we have found the best way to compete and to win is to provide exceptional customer service.”

Fun Fact: Cambridge-Lee provides an annual contribution of $25,000 to the local United Way.

The U.S. copper-tubing market has shrunk over the past decade, leading many of Cambridge-Lee’s competitors to go out of business. “We have decided to look at this as an opportunity to redefine our focus on customer service and invest in the inventory and people,” says Funk. “Two years ago, we made a $65 million investment to relocate a state-of-the-art copper-tubing plant from Mexico to our manufacturing campus in Reading, PA.”

Some of Cambridge-Lee’s employees have been with the company for decades, and in some cases, their parents and grandparents have worked for the company. “When I came in as CEO, I realized how valuable this history was,” says Funk. “However, we didn’t always do a good job at working across functions — at communicating, listening and learning from each other.” To remedy this, Cambridge-Lee began to hold quarterly all-hands meetings.