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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2010
Industry: Fitness

Blink Fitness

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Blink Fitness’s brand emphasizes “Mood Above Muscle,” a philosophy that celebrates the immediate positive feelings associated with exercise, rather than just the longer-term physical benefits. At the start of the recession in 2008, “more and more people traded down from mid-priced gyms. While the price of these high-volume, low-priced gyms was good, the experience was not,” says Todd Magazine, president of Blink Fitness. Blink set out to change that paradigm, defining its experience through a number of tenets such as “Everyone Cleans.” “These are not just nice words we put on paper, but a culture and a way of life for our staff,” Magazine says. “One of my favorite member posts on Yelp is from someone who was touring our gym and saw the manager of that location cleaning the toilet. The prospect said that when he saw this, he knew this was the gym for him.”

Quick Tip: “You don’t achieve success without hard work and a willingness to do whatever it takes to win.”

Another important part of the Blink experience is a positive attitude, Magazine adds. “If you are not high-energy and friendly, you won’t be working at Blink. Our associates, whom we call Mood Lifters, are there to create an environment that is encouraging and friendly, so that everyone feels welcome.” As Blink grows, Magazine’s goal is to keep delivering on that signature experience. “This probably means we won’t be the biggest, which is just fine with us.”