Di Palo Fine Foods

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Lou Di Palo
Family Business Honoree

Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1910
Industry: Italian specialty food and wine store
Generations: 5


Di Palo Fine Foods

Lou Di Palo

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: Di Palo Fine Foods was founded in 1910, when Savino Di Palo opened a small dairy in the heart of Little Italy. Over the last 100 years and five generations, the family business has evolved into a retail and wholesale purveyor of the foods of Italy. “The core values of our business are based on family serving families. Our business is treated as an extension of our home,” says president Lou Di Palo.

Fun Fact “The generations before us live in our hearts and we continue to carry them into the future.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: Di Palo says the business is open to everyone in the family, and that each generation knows they are entitled to being a part of Di Palo Fine Foods. “The requirements are for them to have the same passion and spirit of the past generations. Each one of our children decided to go to school in Italy to reclaim their Italian heritage,” says Di Palo. In Italy, Di Palo’s children studied food, wine and art.

CULTURAL VALUES: When Di Palo Fine Foods first opened, it was a simple dairy. Since then, new generations have expanded the company’s offerings to include hard cheeses, cured meats, olive oils, pasta and other unique products from the 20 regions of Italy. This consistent focus on improvement is part of the company’s DNA, and has been necessary to its success.

LASTING LEGACY: “The legacy of Di Palo’s is the legacy of the Italian immigrant,” says Di Palo. “Just as our forefathers came to America, we continue to contribute and improve all things Italian in our store. We want to preserve the traditions of what the Italian immigrant brought to this country.”