Supremia International, Inc.

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Location: Plainsboro, NJ
Founded: 1981
Industry: Premiums and 3PM

Supremia International, Inc.

Robert Catalano


Supremia International, Inc. operates as its clients’ connection to the world of packaging, promotional premiums, innovative ideas and results. The company attributes its success to its reputation and market timing. “Our reputation comes from years of targeting specific market sectors. We have since created proven concepts that are attractive and therefore scalable to multiple clients. We have achieved this growth by focusing for decades on what we do best. This has turned our ideas into proven working concepts,” says EVP Robert Catalano. One such idea has been Supremia’s decision to zero in on the beverage, fragrance, and health and beauty industries, where it provides services that are unique among competitors.

QUICK TIP: “When recruiting new team members, I find it is important to make sure that your culture evolves as your company grows.”

One of the biggest challenges Supremia has faced has been attracting and retaining the right talent necessary for sustainable growth. The company strives to strategically create an attractive culture to draw in the right talent that will help Supremia grow. “In a fast-growing environment, you want to make sure that the talent you have is willing and able to grow and evolve in order to meet the demands of such development. Supremia has worked diligently to obtain the unique staff that we have, and we owe our success to the caliber of our team,” says Catalano.