Yvette Donado

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Location: Princeton, NJ
Founded: 1947
Industry: Education

Yvette Donado
SVP and Chief Administrative Officer

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Educational Testing Service (ETS) is an educational measurement organization founded in 1947 to help reintegrate WWII veterans and ensure university admissions were based on merit. The SAT test was the result. “The SAT does not screen people out; it was designed to screen people in so that folks who are poor and disadvantaged can also have the capacity to achieve,” says Yvette Donado, SVP and chief administrative officer at ETS. ETS also administers the GRE test for graduate school admission, the TOEFL and TOEIC English proficiency tests, the Praxis teacher licensure test, and others.

Quick Tip: “I mentor several younger people, and encourage my direct reports to do likewise.”

“I helped my CEO diagnose challenges and capitalize on the brilliant, talented folks who needed to be more collaborative to assure success,” says Donado. “He and I came from corporations, so we shifted the mentality from ‘mission only’ to ‘without margin, there is no mission.’”   

Under Donado’s direction, ETS has created an annual program called “ETS Cares.” Last fall, the program saw employees contribute almost $900,000 to an array of different causes. Donado also promoted a leadership and succession initiative known as Learning for Business Results. The initiative puts promising executives from across ETS into teams to tackle strategic business challenges, and is focused on increasing diversity in the company’s senior ranks. “It has been enormously successful, and aspiring executives see it as a badge of recognition of their contributions and their potential to contribute more,” says Donado.