Rita Gurevich

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Location: Jersey City, NJ
Founded: 2010
Industry: IT services

Rita Gurevich
Founder and President

SPHERE Technology Solutions

In 2008, Rita Gurevich worked at Lehman Brothers. “I started working there as an intern a few years before the bankruptcy and I came out of that disaster a completely different person,” she says. After the bankruptcy, different parts of the firm were sold to different buyers, and the firm’s data had to be divvied up. “It was a very complicated task, we had to do it almost overnight, and I learned a lot of very, very interesting skills from that experience,” says Gurevich. She started SPHERE Technology Solutions to put those skills to use. 

Quick Tip: “One of my personal goals … is that every single person who walks through the front door feels included, engaged, and that they’re part of a fun team.”

At the time, Gurevich was 24 years old. “I had to try to convince a 50-year-old, experienced managing director that I knew more than he did,” she says. “To add more complexity, my target audience … were very large, global, complicated financial institutions. … I had to come up with very creative solutions to make sure that the prospective customers could minimize their risks.”

After SPHERE completes a client engagement, “many times the customer needs to continue to report and distribute metrics the same way that they’ve become accustomed to throughout the project,” says Gurevich. To fill this gap, the company developed SPHEREboard, a product that provides a “virtual SPHERE engineer.”