Rebecca Dean

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Location: Scotch Plains, NJ
Founded: 2006
Industry: Healthcare

Rebecca Dean

Tiny Tots Therapy Inc.

The mission of Tiny Tots Therapy Inc. is to grow the independence and life skills of children and adolescents. “We are helping bridge the gap so each child attains physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills required to adapt to his environment,” says president Rebecca Dean. Since opening in 2006, Tiny Tots has evolved from one center to multiple facilities, school-based services, home-based services and more.

Quick Tip: “I like to see my team excel in not only their careers, but also their lives. I enjoy being present and a part of the workday.”

“In the beginning, we had challenges keeping up with the large companies that were within the same communities as us,” says Dean. “However, our mission of providing valuable and meaningful services intensified our motivation to push on. … While our company has grown significantly over the years, our focus remains the same, which has shaped me as a leader. I knew pushing on and helping our communities was going to shine through to achieve great things.”

Tiny Tots holds an annual Dinner for a Cause to raise funds and awareness for Autism Speaks, and participates in several resource fairs at the organization’s events to share relevant information. “The special-needs community is a huge part of Tiny Tots, and we look for every opportunity to get involved in community events and causes, to not only increase awareness, but also to provide support to our parents and caregivers,” says Dean.