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Location: Newark, NJ
Founded: 2002
Industry: Marketing consulting services

Peggy McHale

Consultants 2 Go

“My business partner Sandi [Webster] and I were both working moms, and we worked together at a large financial services company. We often worked more than 60 or 70 hours a week and felt the pressure between home and office,” says Peggy McHale, principal at Consultants 2 Go. “We saw the need for talented marketing consultants that were competitively priced. … We also observed that a lot of talented women were exiting the business once they had their second child, because they needed more balance and control over their schedules. It seemed to be the tipping point. We put these two needs together and came up with Consultants 2 Go.”

Quick Tip: “We’re not too proud to do any task. As a small business owner, you learn that people watch your actions very carefully. They want to see that you’re invested.”

True to its founding vision, Consultants 2 Go is a virtual workplace with flexible hours designed to attract working parents who need the flexibility of working from home whenever possible. The company has invested in cloud technology and telecommunication tools so its team can stay in touch and access files anywhere, anytime. That strategy also has helped Consultants 2 Go stand out in the competition for the best talent, says McHale. “Today, there is a talent war for expert resources, and our model of providing flexibility to our consultants and core team has really tapped into a major trend in the workplace.”

McHale sits on the advisory board for the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation (WCEC). “When we started our company, the WCEC helped us, so we wanted to give back,” she says. “I also chair their events committee and run their fundraisers throughout the year.”