Marilyn Schlossbach

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Location: Asbury Park, NJ
Founded: 2008
Industry: Hospitality

Marilyn Schlossbach
Executive Chef and CEO

Marilyn Schlossbach Group

The Marilyn Schlossbach Group includes restaurants, retail and catering. “What inspires me to create and to keep going onward with the growth of my company, is lifting up the communities that I’m in,” says Marilyn Schlossbach, executive chef and CEO. “If we don’t innately have the integrity and the desire to lift up the community around us, our company ultimately is just another restaurant, just another clothing store, just another catering company.”

Fun Fact: Schlossbach’s nonprofit Asbury Park Film Initiative screens free movies in Asbury Park and the surrounding areas.

That mission of making a difference in the community has kept the Marilyn Schlossbach Group going through tough times. “We had some venues that were affected by Superstorm Sandy, and in both of those communities, which were about 40 minutes away from each other, we saw the same result,” says Schlossbach. “People coming to us, saying how much we’ve done for our communities, that they wanted to help us. We saw people come from all over the state to our rescue, whether it was just cleaning up our restaurant or raising money to get our power turned back on.”

The core value Schlossbach tries to model for her staff is integrity. “I always show up with my integrity intact. That travels, whether I’m in a board meeting, whether I’m cooking behind the line, or whether I’m talking to a customer,” she says. “I lead by example, and my staff and my customers see that in me.”