Kim Cervino

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Location: Annandale, NJ
Founded: 2003
Industry: Personal care and cosmetic specialty ingredients

Kim Cervino

Paradigm Science Inc.

Paradigm Science Inc. is a small manufacturer and supplier of specialty ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industries. “I founded Paradigm because I wanted to be able to provide customers … the support and partnership they deserve,” says Kim Cervino, president of Paradigm Science Inc. “Originally, the drive to form Paradigm came also from an internal desire for self-actualization and to maximize the contributions I could make to my industry. Over the years, this transformed into a desire to create jobs, grow the business and use our time to do a little more to contribute to the community.”

Quick Tip: “Everyone is a mentor to you. You just have to recognize who is showing you how to lead and who is demonstrating how not to lead.”

For the past three years, Paradigm has experienced more than 20 percent growth year over year. “We continue to partner with new customers and we are poised to launch our portfolio in global markets,” says Cervino. “We treat all of our customers as important — from the mom-and-pops to the global companies.”

One challenge the company has faced is finding the right partners. “Paradigm has represented manufacturers in the past who were not in the relationship for the long term,” says Cervino. “They only wanted us to help them get market share and break through the barriers to our marketplace. I have learned over the years that you should surround yourself with partners who have the same goals.”