Kelly Gliatta

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Location: Neptune, NJ
Founded: 1984
Industry: Technology

Kelly Gliatta
VP of Talent Management


Kelly Gliatta joined WorkWave in 1999 as a sales and support representative. At the time, the company had approximately 15 employees. “From 2001 to 2014, I developed and expanded our customer-support department considerably, growing it from six employees to a team of 40,” says Gliatta. “In my current role as VP of talent management, I’ve significantly helped with development and rollout of WorkWave’s core values, and led the design and implementation of the company-wide annual review process.”

Quick Tip: “My open-door policy makes it easy to celebrate wins, as well as to discuss what could have gone better on certain assignments.”

In 2015, Gliatta and WorkWave’s CEO Chris Sullens developed a new interview process that is focused on cultural fit and core values. “As a result of the new process, WorkWave has made more than 80 new hires and experienced less than five percent attrition over the course of the year,” she says.

One of Gliatta’s most challenging times came during the first acquisition she managed as part of her role within customer support. “Stress filled the company, as the transition time for WorkWave’s clients to go from one software to another was tedious and riddled with a high call volume from frustrated clients,” she says. “My vigorous efforts and positive demeanor allowed me to handle multiple changes to process and approach, turning our clients into raving fans of the new software.”